What is LocSight?

LocSight (Location Insight) is a real time, big data based, strategic location analytical tool for detailed comparative analytics in space and time.

Why is our approach any special?

  • The database is expanding every day with the daily updates.

  • It is a continuous data flow and not a one-off sample.

  • The analysis can be amended flexibly without any pre-defined questions.


Big data based

  • Information is based on consumers’ actions and not on an interview with them.

  • The database monitors ca. 100,000 devices and 20 million location tags on a monthly basis.

  • Data quantity is incomparably larger than in case of a traditional quantitative research.


  • The tool serves the preparation and the follow-up of any location-related decision.

  • Comparative analytics is possible with data being consistent in space and time.

  • Competitors can be analysed and monitored in the same granularity as our own asset.

Where is the information coming from?

We can estimate the real time footfall at any given location and how traffic changes in time. Real and potential catchment can be drawn via tracking the devices once spotted at a certain location or in any asset.

Mobile devices leave location tags behind which make available to track their movement in space and time.

Data collection and procession are complying with all GDPR rules.

What intelligence can LocSight deliver?

What is the real catchment and its demographics?

How is footfall changing at a certain location?

What is the conversion rate between traffic and footfall?

What do we know about the characteristics of lost footfall?

Who are the real competitors and what is their real catchment?

How often consumers return to a given location?

What is the traffic on any certain road or route?

What are the cross-visit patterns across certain locations?

How does LocSight work in practice?

Contact us for detailed analytics for your location or selected benchmarks.

Weekly pedestrian traffic in frequented high-street areas

Monthly footfall in largest retail chains around Lake Balaton

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Does LocSight comply with the GDPR regulations?

Absolutely. Our data are anonymized and detached from any personal information. The software only analyses location data coming from the mobile devices which are left behind as mobiles are using networks and downloading content for various applications.

Can LocSight also help with other analytics like traffic flow?

Yes. The data are collected in a dynamic manner so they can visualize traffic flow for any given route. If you want to understand what the volume is and what the characteristics are of the traffic at a certain location or at a given cross-section, our data can give you the answer. Contact us to learn more about our services.

How much does LocSight cost?

It depends. Our platform can offer basic service and more complex solutions tailored to your questions. For more information, please fill in our template and we can contact you and discuss the opportunities.