What Does LocSight actually do?

We collect location tags left my individual mobile devices, showing in a GDPR compliant manner how the device is moving in space and time

Based on the digital route of a device, consumers’ traffic patterns in the physical space and the real-time traffic of a certain location become visual

The tool gives insight about where the consumers work and live, what is the actual catchment of a given location or where the customers go – also in relation to our competitors.

Data collection is continuous therefore we see the actual similarities and differences on a daily/weekly/monthly basis across the analysed locations.

The database is linked to various static data datasets to make further analytics possible – for demographics, purchase power and other socio-economic indicators.

What Makes Big Data Different to Old-school Surveys?

Due to the unitary method: the database is comparable and consistent

Several locations can be compared at the same time, from the same perspective

Provides a comprehensive picture: about my own performance, my neighborhood and my competition

Not based on a short sample, but mass database

No subjective element, the outcomes do not depend on respondents’ answers

Data is flowing live in in every second, not during a particular time period

Three Pillars of Our Analytics

1. Location Data

About a scheme

About the footfall

About the visits

2. Catchment Analysis

About nearby traffic

About visitors

About lost visitors

About the competitors

About visitors at competing schemes

About interactions with competitors

3. Competition Benchmarking